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A revolutionary concept where multiple real estate companies function as one cohesive unit. All of these companies have been designed both by and for realtors. Each organization is realtor driven and has compensation packages that benefit you. So if you want the opportunity to generate beaucoup dinero, we’ve got you covered. We’re fiercely dedicated to bringing out your inner spartan.


Summus History

We began with an idea, a distinct approach, and a dedication to developing a more effective and meaningful process in an intricate market. Founder Preston Brown was born and raised in El Paso and sees himself very much a part of the community and someone who understands its unique characteristics. That’s why ten years ago— inspired by the idea of a multidisciplinary attack on the unstable and complex real estate market—he started Summus Realty and has been developing its process, philosophy, and core values ever since.

The Synergy Vision

Central to the Summus Realty vision is the concept of synergy. We believe that by combining elements we have the capacity to affect greater change and offer a more intact solution to our clients.


Our mission is to simplify the often intimidating process of investing in, buying, or selling real estate. We simplify and generate positive outcomes for home buyers and sellers who are often barraged and confused by the process. Summus operates as a cohesive unit and a single source of knowledge. Our expertise, training, and resources offer an unprecedented guiding light that leads people through the meandering trails of home buying/selling and helps them ascend towards a successful result.

Ascend with Summus

There are dozens of real estate companies in the El Paso area and yet none of them offer the multi-dimensional approach that sets us apart. All of our sister companies are in some way related to or an essential part of the home buying or selling process. This helps us provide more opportunity and access.

Summus focuses on three things:

  • We spend more generating leads than our next ten competitors.
  • We focus on coaching as a self-reliance for all of our agents.
  • We are deeply involved with our home builders, which provides us with a cutting edge and helps us provide more opportunity.

These three main concentrations add up to a great part of our unified force, which includes an unmatched marketing strategy that keeps us at the forefront of the local market.

Choose Top Agents and Expertise

With over 150 agents working throughout the city, we cover a lot of ground. All of our real estate agents are prolific and highly knowledgeable in their field. Some of our agents are on the top-selling 50 real estate agents in El Paso. If you want professionalism, expertise, and efficiency, join the Summus movement today.

Contact the Summus Team Today

Summus Realty works the entire El Paso region and has two locations to better serve you. Find us on the Westside of El Paso on 1035 Belvidere Ste. 290 or in our eastside location on 2077 N. Zaragosa Ste. B203 or send us an email at summuscoordinator@summusreality.com. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our services or real estate coaching, give us a call at 915.494.9069.

Meet The Partners

summus realty el paso texas real estate brokerage about DAVID KARAM



CCIM Texas and New Mexico Real Estate Broker. His years of business experience guide the different companies in positive, progressive direction.

summus realty el paso texas real estate brokerage about PRESTON BROWN



Part owner and business development specialist for the Summus companies. His business passion is to always maintain the cutting edge by strategically positioning our firms for market dominance in this fast and changing economy.

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