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Real Estate Agents – Embrace the Summus Synergy

  • Summus employs only the best real estate brokers in the region.
  • We will find you a top realtor, highly trained through the Summus program and educated on our core values and principles.
  • Our highly reviewed services are unmatched in the El Paso area.
  • As a local realty company, we understand the markets and this community.
  • The Summus general philosophy hinges upon the idea that converging different elements will generate the most effective results.
  • Summus is unlike any other realtor service in El Paso.
  • We welcome all of your comments and reviews!
  • Summus customer ratings are among the highest in the region.
  • Our agents’ qualifications are unmatched, as we provide our own education and training.
  • Our real estate broker profiles include some of the top selling agents in the area.
  • To us, a real estate agent license represents a commitment and mission to helping people find the home of their dreams.

The Summus University

Our agents deliver value because our agents are better prepared. We have all of our brokers in one place, one building, all learning, growing, and sharing from each other. They learn the market and its patterns, communication, and dedication. They learn important skills like contract management, listing presentations, and online marketing. This energy exchange adds up to a concentrated effort of skill, resources, and industry experience available to you in one place.

The Concentrated Value of a Summus Broker

Our binding principle is synergy. Synergy is an interaction of elements that when combined produce a bigger and more powerful effect or result than the sum of the individual elements. So what is the cumulative value provided through Summus University, our approach, our valued partners and lenders, and the careful training of our agents?

To you, it means opportunity. It means a simplified process.

Meet The Summus Agents

A realtor that works at Summus undergoes unique and rigorous training and coaching that prepare them for the complex nature of the market in 2018. With more than 150 members—77 on our Zillow team— and growing, Summus university is where they learn our process, philosophy, and unique approach to real estate. A Summus real estate agent is not one dimensional; they understand the multitude of disciplines required to best guide the client through the overwhelming process of home buying and selling. Below are just a few of our specialized agents waiting to hear from you.

Adrienne Alvarez

Adrienne was born and raised in New Jersey but came to El Paso to become a television journalist. After years of doing that and becoming deeply acquainted with the community, she decided she wanted to help people find their new home and has now been doing real estate for three years. In this short time, she climbed up to the top 50 agents in El Paso. She believes that today’s marketplace is complex and requires a new skillful approach.

Hector de La Canal

Hector de la Canal is another Summus realtor who has been in the industry for a little over two years and is already a leading real estate agent in the city. He is on the top three agents at Summus. Hector believes that the most important aspect of finding the right real estate broker or realty company is to look for someone that is engaged and always learning, while also willing to offer support. These are all principles that Summus emphasizes and uses in the coaching of their teams and team leaders.

Tasha Knight

Tasha has called El Paso home since 2013. She was born in Canada and raised in Oklahoma until she relocated to the Southwest. Her initial brush with the housing market was through a painful experience with an incompetent real estate agent. This served as her initial inspiration to transition into the industry, as she believes no one should have to relive the experience she did when buying her home. As a military spouse she understands the importance of timeliness and honesty when it comes to buying or selling. She specializes in newly constructed home sales, resales, and also as a listing agent.

Join the Movement, Find a Summus Home Today

We are not just another brokerage company. We are a movement. We employ the principles of honesty, diligence, and movement to constantly engage with the market, its changing trends, and its ever-growing challenges. With over 400 listings and seven companies to work with, the choice is simple. Join the Summus movement and get where you want to go.

Contact A Summus Realtor

Interested in buying or selling a home? Have questions about what we do and how we approach it? Want to join the movement? Contact a Summus realtor today and find out more about our revolutionary company and the opportunities that await you. Call us at 915-494-9069 today to learn more about the incredible work our agents are doing in your area.
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