The Business You’re In: Tony Robbins the Man, the Ideas, & Applying it to Real Estate


If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, let us put it this way: He’s that 6’7 tall deep-voiced motivational speaker/life coach/inspirational guru, somewhat eccentric, creative, well-spoken, risk-taking, average Joe millionaire with friends in high places. Some of his most high-profile clients pay him up to ONE MILLION dollars a year for personal coaching. He fills large auditoriums with eager business people and entrepreneurs looking for guidance on success. He’s got an often quoted line that states, “There’s the business you’re in and the business you’re becoming. If you’re constantly managing those two businesses, you won’t have to pivot, because you’re always doing something to innovate.”

And that’s key, right? We all want to be innovative in what we do.

The line itself suggests that without constant awareness about what you’re doing or trying to do, you might just retreat into mediocrity, laziness, and stagnation. No matter what business you’re in, remaining static is not a good option. Part of what Tony Robbins helps people do is to push through uncertainty, fear, and failure to emerge triumphant on the other end and continue the journey of growth, learning, and love. He teaches people to invest themselves into a fortune. 

The Man

Tony Robbins has been involved in the art of inspiration and action-provoking teachings since he was seventeen years old promoting Jim Rohn, who served as his mentor, seminars. Just like anyone, he is no stranger to affliction or challenges and a past with some difficulty. He saw his parents divorce at a young age and he then witnessed his mother date an exchange of boyfriends. He describes his adolescent home life as abusive and chaotic; he left it at age seventeen and never looked back, leaving his alcoholic mother, never attending college, and working as a janitor to make ends meet.

Ten Key Emotions

There are too many aspects of his discussions we could focus on here, but let’s take a look at some of his main points. The ten emotions Robbins claims will fill your life with productivity and process include love, warmth, curiosity, passion, determination, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness, health and the constitution.

So how exactly do these ten emotions get you through the day? It first takes an effort to cultivate these feelings into your everyday life. Slowly the results begin happening automatically and the behavior and state of mind perpetuate.

Learning to Apply It to What We Do

Summus Realty is a big advocate for continuous learning. We are always learning and transforming. To do great things risks need to be taken. It’s also important to realize sometimes things they don’t go our way. That’s no problem. We see failures as opportunities.  As Robins himself puts it, your mind is a fertile garden and you must plant seeds of love, warmth, and passion in order to watch them grow. A failure, he says, is like a weed; it’s a call to action, something that tells you, “Hey, you have to deal with this!”

When it comes to Summus Realty University, we like to introduce our realtors-in-training to what can be learned from rearranging our minds to think in this way. After all, our training serves people in more profound ways than simply real estate. It’s about finding personal success and fulfillment. It’s about being part of something bigger.

We teach confidence in the process. Be confident of your purpose in the real estate market. It’s not just a business exchange; it’s more than that and shifting your thinking will guarantee success.

For example, the #10 contribution. It’s the idea that what we do every day has a bigger consequence, it has meaning and purpose, it’s a big part of how we look at what we do every day. After all, selling or flipping homes means you’re helping someone else acquire the place where their lives will begin anew.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

Don’t fret about what may happen in the future. After all, how many things have we brooded over that never materialized? Robins highlights that most of the time what prevents us from focusing on what we want is fear. Visualizing negative results is counter-productive. It’s wasted energy, wasted emotional real estate, and tends to knock us off the right path.

So, What Business Are You In?

We’re in the business of growing and learning. Join Summus Realty realtor training and reach something extraordinary at work and in your personal life. Read about some of the other ideas we implement in our realtor training. There is nothing like it in El Paso. Be part of something. Be confident. Explore. Take risks. Grow. Never stop growing!


The Summus University: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Broker

Last month, we wrote about a few of the main points in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, which has been inspiring entrepreneurs and people all across the nation since the 1930’s. These concepts are a part of the Summus ethos. The book outlines eleven strategies for success and was largely the fruits of hours and hours of conversations with successful American entrepreneurs and innovators such as Andrew Carnegie. This month, we’ll continue discussing some of Hill’s strategies and thinking about how we apply them to our training of being a real estate broker. We are all about changing the way we think! When we change and direct our thinking, we rise to the top and move towards our goals. And action, as Hill said, is the real measure of intelligence.

The Summus University is dedicated to helping real estate brokers in El Paso reach their highest potential by shifting their thinking. Hill’s principles form part of our general ethos here at the office.

Auto-Suggestion: Influence the Subconscious Mind

The mind of man is fertile ground for ideas and the subconscious mind forms an important part of this internal territory. Some people describe the subconscious as the part of the mind that is not in focal awareness, but yet has a great impact on your mood, actions, and emotional state. So much of our emotions and our internal drive resides here. A lot of times, change is a result of shifting the way you think and forming positive thought habits that establish take root in your mind and guide your actions in the right direction.

How Does This Apply to Real Estate?

Your energy affects everyone around you, and in order to help others, you must first help yourself. Seize control of your thoughts and feed yourself positivity. We train you to use the power of your mind. In a way, real estate is a leadership role. You are leading someone on a journey that will impact their lives and in order to do that, you have to know the way you think first.

Focus and Concentrate Your Knowledge

Knowledge and understanding are important. Part of being prepared is understanding your industry and doing the homework, but that is not all. Simply knowing won’t get you anywhere. As Napoleon Hill discusses in the book, knowledge by itself does not produce money or success. In fact, this is often a source of confusion for many as they discover that there is much more to advancing financially than undirected study. The book uses Henry Ford as an example. It illustrates how Ford was a man that may not have had a broad spectrum of general knowledge but knew how to use his specialized knowledge and common sense towards purposeful action.

What Does That Mean To Me As I Train To Become A Real Estate Broker?

At Summus Realty, we make it a point to teach our realtors the tricks of the trade. Yes, there is a lot to learn and take in as far as information goes but we don’t stop there. We take it one step further. It’s about harnessing that knowledge and organizing it into something that produces something else. We learn how to intelligently direct knowledge through plans of ACTION towards an end goal.

The Role of Imagination

Two other major concepts on Hill’s list include the idea of imagination and persistence. Imagination, as he calls it, is a workshop where your plans are devised. You must first imagine and visualize to direct your actions. Imagination is the starting point of all ideas. It also presents opportunities. The book focuses on the creative imagination and how this space can be where intuition, hunches, and inspirations are received.

How Does Imagination Play A Role In Me Becoming A Real Estate Broker?

There is a lot of imagination that goes into helping clients. Being sympathetic and employing new ideas to communicate with people will better serve you as you try to guide someone in their real estate journey.

How It All Relates To Summus Realty

Alas, we can’t cover all of Hill’s points in one post but we hope you understand these concepts. Summus Realty is derived from the word summit, which means the highest peak. It’s no accident that our company name stands for ideas of progress, ascension, and the ultimate focal point. In this case, the top. We all want to get there, but not many of us know how. At Summus University, we train our real estate brokers how to climb, how to use the tools available to reach the top, to harness knowledge, and imagination as they guide their client towards their peak too. Please connect with us to learn more!

The New Real Estate Company: Seeking Progress for Our Community

There is no finite amount of success. One person cannot snatch it all. Instead, it’s abundant, contagious, and far more easily attainable than you might think. The truth is, it’s plentiful, and it’s out there for the taking. This idea is inherent in the quintessential American philosophy of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, except—it turns out— your bootstraps have a lot less to do with it; what matters is your mentality, psychology, and implementation of certain strategies. At Summus Realty we are interested in the success of our agents, our clients, and the community at large. Summus is a new kind of real estate company, as it aims for the highest peaks of human achievement and our driving philosophy stems from reaching inwardly to better yourself and those around you.

A Source of Inspiration in An Unlikely Place

If you walk into our offices in El Paso and make your way towards the lounge—where we often host our classes, lectures, and yes occasional karaoke sessions—you will find two posters on our walls. As a real estate company, we like to be reminded of the philosophy contained there, as it serves as a constant reminder of how to better execute our jobs.

These posters summarize thirteen main strategies for success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. They are heavily derived from long conversations with 500 self-made millionaires over the span of 20 years. As a self-made man himself, Andrew Carnegie believed that sharing his insights into the “magic formula” that cultivated his wealth was an important venture and was one of the men Hill studied.  Carnegie came to America at age 13 from Scotland. He worked railroads and moved up slowly, acquiring knowledge and expertise in the industry. Eventually, he would come to revolutionize the way steel was produced. Later, he dedicated much of his wealth to philanthropic ventures including donations to libraries, promotion of international peace, and more.

Before we delve into one of Hill’s outlined strategy you might be wondering: What do Andrew Carnegie and self-made millionaires have to do with a real estate company in El Paso?


Summus investigates, achieves a deeper level of understanding and uses all of these strategies on a daily basis. This makes our realtors better prepared and more knowledgeable in their fields. The first two strategies outlined in the book begin with two very important concepts that come from within and formed in our hearts and minds.


Makes sense right?  It all begins with the capacity to know what you want. The ability to attain something begins with the desire to have it. Achieving success on any front requires a distinct, articulated, and visualized desire for the target you’re aiming for. Otherwise, your energies are misguided, wandering, floating aimlessly.  Putting that desire at the forefront of your thoughts is key to achieving it.


Faith, the book states, is “the head chemist of the mind.” That is because faith can color thought and it is through thought that the source of an action or decision emerges. In other words, faith in this context means repeated instruction to the subconscious mind, thereby creating very real reactions and frames of mind that translate into decisions and outward movement. Faith means a constant reassurance of the self.

We’ll be discussing some of the other strategies in upcoming blog posts and looking at how these can apply to you and how they apply to us here at Summus Realty.

Ascend to the Top with Summus Realty

A real estate company is usually thought of as a profit chasing enterprise. Summus Realty doesn’t think of itself that way. We see it in terms of success and opportunity. Helping clients find their home — where their families will grow and their lives improved—is our mission and what drives us to constantly strive upward. We seek the fulfillment of human potential and the success of all our realtors. Join the movement!

The New Realtor Generation: Changing the Way We Think About Real Estate

Perhaps one of the most famous and commonly referenced Hollywood portrayals of the real estate industry and the realtor comes courtesy of the gritty and unforgettable performances by several acting giants. The film Glengarry Glen Ross depicts the small real estate company and the struggling salesman as they fight to stay above water. While it’s a highly entertaining depiction— though quite hyperbolic by most standards—the tooth and nail portrayal is miles away from the reality and how the new generation realtor actually functions. Summus Realty’s approach—unlike that of the film’s protagonist’s —aims for value and providing opportunity to the client. We thought it might be fun, however, to remember this entertaining film and contrast it to the way we work. If you haven’t seen it, now might be a good time!

If there is a list of films that contain a high concentration of household acting talent, David Mamet’s screenplay would certainly make the cut. This fictional Chicago real estate office employs a young Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, and Ed Harris. The film is actionless, yet tension-filled dialogue-heavy story where the drama hides in the lines and in between them. The higher up and vicious executive of the company —played by Alec Baldwin— comes in on one rainy evening to yell in the faces of the already shaken agents suffocating in a heap of dead leads. The film shows the oppressive environment and the willingness by the part of the agents to sink to unethical and unorthodox tactics in order to close the deal.

“Coffee is for Closers!”

One of the most famous lines of the film happens when the deflated realtor Shelley Levene (Lemmon) gets up to pour himself some coffee and is scolded by the tyrannical potty-mouthed company head who stops him and says, “Coffee is for closers.” A stunned Levene quietly puts the pot back and returns to his seat like a scolded child. The fragility of Levene shows him as a broken and utterly desperate guy willing to sink to the lowest possible standard in order to get his name on the board.

The Summus Realtor

That coffee scene is a bad representation of the realtor life.  At Summus headquarters our mission is to educate and train each realtor so that they are the most informed and better prepared in the field. One of our main assets is an emphasis in specialty and knowledge. A Summus realtor is energetic and engaged in this exciting industry. Nobody gets yelled as a matter of course and we don’t subject people to verbal abuse. Instead, a Summus realtor shows up to work every day to add value and to better the lives of their clients and the community. 

“Third Prize is Your Fired.”

In the film, the clamoring and frenzied agents reach for every available tactic after they are told that the third person on the sales board will be fired. First prize is a Cadillac and second prize a set of steak knives.  The agents resort to breaking into their own office, stealing leads, or forcing sales by any means necessary. Ricky Roma’s  (Al Pacino) slow and unwinding strategy of intoxicating a vulnerable client while feeding him a manipulative speech about going against the grain and accepting one’s immoral acts, shows this clearly. Despite the somewhat reprehensible content of Pacino’s monologue, it is highly engaging in its delivery and honesty and demonstrates just how low he is willing to go to reel in a potential sale.

The Summus Realtor

The Summus realtor has a different tool bag. Our tools are not deceptive speeches and alcohol, but rather an integrated knowledge and experience that allows for an all-encompassing approach to the industry. As we say repeatedly: your success is our success. We are not based on numbers, but on our ability to affect the larger community by helping people seize the right opportunity.

Seize the Right Opportunity with Summus Realty

Glengarry Glen Ross is a classic film and the desperation of the characters will make you cringe, but it’s not very accurate when it comes to real estate in El Paso. If you watch any of our videos, you’ll find that Summus Realty believes differently than its competitors. A Summus realtor is a new breed. Not only do we have our own realtor university where our people learn the values of honesty and knowledge that sets Summus apart, but we propose that buying or selling a house can be fun — provided you have the right person to guide you. Call Summus Realty today and see the difference. 


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