How Summus is Adapting to the Changing Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market

Every industry has its own trajectory that ebbs and flows with the changing technology, customs, and ideas of the day. The real estate industry has been no different when it comes to the way it approaches home buying and financial decisions. As the saying goes, it is really the species that are adaptive to change that survive. It’s why our agents and our company’s philosophy is inspired by the idea that growth and learning are key to a successful climb to the top. 

Today’s younger generations, for example, have waited a bit longer to purchase their first homes than previous generations, although that tide is changing. Recent studies have shown that millennials or people in their thirties are now jumping into their first home. At the same time, certain technologies have changed the way people search for homes and what they expect in a home. 

At Summus Realty, we have our finger on the pulse. We understand how better to provide better value, encourages buyers to take the next step, and we can help them find the right home. 

Here are a few ways Summus Realty is adapting to the changing real estate landscape:

Professional Photographs

The world runs on images. Every day the average person is bombarded with an assortment of memes, moving pictures, videos, and other eye-catching visuals. It is not enough to pull out your cell phone and take a photo of a house. Taking the time to make sure that the photos accurately represent the beauty and the splendor of the property in question is what makes a difference. This means investing in professional photographs of the interior and exterior and properly displaying the best and most unique features of the home. 

Home Staging

This could possibly be considered its own form of art, as it appeals to more than just the eyes but it must also appeal to the sensibility of a general group of people. The idea is that potential homeowners will walk into the home and immediately envision their future there. Staging will include ensuring the home is clutter-free home, the interior is clean and crisp, furniture is tactically-placed, and a minimal but powerful interior design element that really brings the home together. The home should be welcoming and attractive to potential buyers. 


Real estate agents today can use technology as a major asset and a great way to use the available tools to improve the home selling experience. The use of 3D models and forms of communication have really improved the way we communicate and how we are able to provide homebuyers with realistic models of the property. This gives them the ability to see the home as though they were there. Check out some samples here!

Supported Real Estate Agents

One of the things we do here at Summus is our own unique realtor university, which provides all of our agents with the resources, education, and support they need to be the best real estate agents possible. Our education focuses on personal growth, which allows our agents to be available, inspired, energetic, and the most helpful to you when selling or buying a home. Summus Realty subscribes to the principles of integrity, honesty, and hard work. We do this in everything we do; it’s why we have the best realtors in El Paso! Our agents also have access to the best resources to better help homebuyers and sellers. 

Choose a Real Estate Company Who Will Fight For You

The El Paso real estate market is growing. Technology and change have affected the way people do business. Today, most home buyers look online before ever stepping foot inside a home. We provide the most value for buyers and sellers and help people navigate what can be a difficult process. 

Summus Realty is excited to meet you and help you sell your home! Connect with us today to learn more.

The Wonders of the Desert and Benefits of Buying a Home in El Paso

Driving into Texas from the West, the first sight you see is the city of El Paso. It opens up from the horizon and the gorgeous Franklin Mountains in the near distance. This 27,000-acre mountain range extends from El Paso to New Mexico and has over 100 miles of trails, wildlife, and breathtaking geological features. At night, you can’t miss the glimmering and brightly lit star on the south side of the mountains overlooking the city.

For those new to the Southwest, the pink sunsets and desert plants make for an impressionable evening. Surrounded by the expansive desert lands, the border city of El Paso is equally welcoming and friendly as its landscape. In recent years, El Paso has seen considerable expansion and development, which has brought a surge of new and varying real estate opportunities.

We thought we’d explore the deeper reasons behind the appeal of buying a home in the desert and why the El Paso area, in particular, offers the best real estate in the Southwest.

Low Cost of Living  and Low Crime Rates

El Paso has a relatively low cost of living, which means homes are affordable compared to other desert cities. The average value of a home in El Paso is about $129,000. When compared to other Texas cities, the cost of living which includes amenities, entertainment, and other comforts are also relatively inexpensive.

In 2018, The El Paso Times reported that the city was one of the best markets to buy a home. El Paso ranked “36th Best Metropolitan Area” where buying beats renting in a list that included more than 200,000 areas. This is a city where people are able to build equity at a reasonable price and build their assets. In addition to its low cost of living, El Paso also enjoys a relatively peaceful atmosphere. It’s often ranked the safest city in the United States; despite its location.

Quality Homes and Development

Many parts of El Paso have seen considerable development over the past few years. Thanks to expansion and population growth, several parts of the city have extended outward. For example, the northwest has seen considerable growth and development, from new subdivisions, shopping centers, walking trails and parks, and entertainment centers. There is also expansion taking place in the far east side of El Paso in areas including Eastlake and Horizon City. In late 2018, it was reported that the city is at a steady pace of growth with development. When it comes to house hunting and new homes, the area has real diversity. You can find solid production home builders and builders who are consistently building with energy efficiency standards and floorplans for the modern homeowner.

An Eclectic Lifestyle: El Paso is a Diverse Border Town

El Paso sits on the border between the U.S. and Mexico and therefore sees a lot of back and forth traffic. This means a lot of commerce and trade is constantly moving back and forth. The city is also home to Fort Bliss, one of the U.S. Army’s biggest military installations. This brings a lot of families into the area, adding to the already rich culture of the area. Since El Paso is close to the neighboring city of Las Cruces, the culture and lifestyle of these two regions blend in beautifully, often revealed in the arts, food, and scenery.

For people who enjoy the outdoors, the El Paso-Las Cruces area provides plenty of opportunities to get out into the wild. Whether it’s hiking the Franklin Mountains, the Organ Mountains, or rock climbing Waco Tanks. These trails, parks, and open spaces provide plenty of outdoor adventures. In the summertime, the Franklin Mountains sees the full bloom of poppy flowers, turning the already beautiful landscape into a flowing sea of yellow petals.

Find the Perfect Desert Home With Summus Realty

Summus Realty has hundreds of properties and expert real estate agents who are ready to strategically help you find the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for a single family home, one with an expansive backyard or a unique floor plan, our team will find the right fit for you! Connect with us today to get started.  

The Success Strategy: How Summus Embodies a New Thinking in Real Estate


As a company, Summus places a lot of value in actions. Our training and philosophies are all predicated on the idea that action sets things into motion, and it is through action that we affect change into reality. We learn by doing and we discover by exploring.

In the past, we’ve written about our real estate training and the positive mindset we cultivate in our real estate university, but we also apply this when selling your house.

If you’re selling your house and find yourself overwhelmed with the process, look for a realty company that offers you action and not fluffy promises. At Summus Realty, teaching our real estate agents coherent values, applying technology and new techniques in our selling process, and engaging the community through marketing efforts.

The Inherent Worth of Doing

So what is it that we do differently when we set out to sell your home? As Summus real estate agents, we operate under stringent values of honesty and integrity. Our houses sell at a phenomenal rate not because we have some magic wand or manipulate people into a sale they will later regret. Rather, it’s because we don’t use fake flattery or false statements about the home.

The central component in our strategy is the idea that by putting in the work, actually providing value, we will stand out among the rest. When selling your home, Summus goes above and beyond in providing the prospective buyer with information, options, and quality service. In addition, we provide professional photos, MLS listings, and we get out there on the field and make connections, build relationships, and establish a standard of quality associated only with Summus.  

Here’s how else we stand out:

  • We spend more than any of our ten closest competitors
  • Our marketing strategy is far-reaching and effective
  • Our team is well-informed, prepared, and has an arsenal of leads, market research, and statistics

The Multiplying Effect of Success

We think of success like a contagion. It infects everybody and it spreads quickly. We know that if we go the extra mile of putting your house on multiple listings and guaranteeing appointments that we are out there doing the work necessary to get things done. For us, a successful sale means everyone wins.

The Use of Technology in Today’s Real Estate Market

One of the things that the real estate has had to contend with—like every other industry out there— is the rapid and constant influx of new technologies and the changing tides in relation to how things are done. Summus embraces these new methods and techniques in order to better serve the seller.

For example, websites like Zillow and other online listing sites have completely changed the game when it comes to real estate. Today, prospective buyers will likely pursue the options online before they dive into the buying process. We take full advantage of the opportunities that new systems like these offer us. We offer Zillow Premier Listing Benefits and other MLS Listings. We also spend more on marketing than anyone else in the business so that we increase the buyer pool. In addition, we make use of actual virtual reality tours that allow buyers to see the home through virtual models, which increases the immediacy.

Find Success With El Paso’s Realty Innovators

Your success is our success. We’ve said it many times and in a multitude of ways. We don’t define success in numbers but in action. Despite technology and online activity, word of mouth is still king when it comes to real estate and we take our name very seriously, as well as our responsibility as your sellers.

If you’re putting your house on the market, go with Summus—the company that aims for your success.

Real Estate: A Love Story — How Summus Realty Gets It Done

Oh, if only real estate were like those Hollywood love stories. We can see it now: the perfect buyer walking down the street points at your house and says, “She’s beautiful.” They can’t take their eyes off of her. They don’t care about the aging or the lack of curb appeal. They are ready to commit. It was love at first sight.

Real life doesn’t quite work that way. Real estate is not a romantic movie. There is always work involved. It’s why we’re here! Our role is to connect sellers with buyers, not with cheap tricks or deception.

At Summus, we allow sellers to see your house and its incredible potential as it truly is. We offer the most value a real estate agent can offer so that the thousands of potential buyers out there can see just how much your home has to offer.

We Love What We Do: We Sell Homes and Offer Unmatched Value

Here at Summus Realty, we live and breathe real estate. We are always improving our approach. Whether it is training our real estate agents the secrets of success, hard work, and perseverance, delving into the industry, investing in marketing, establishing networks, or using modern technology to enhance our process and improve our business models, we are always growing and evolving.  

How To Begin Looking for the Right Agent

You want a realty company who goes beyond the status quo. If you’re looking to sell your home, you’re likely in a period of transition. Perhaps you got a new job, you’re upsizing or downsizing, or you’re simply relocating. Whatever the situation may be, putting your house on the market can cause a lot of anxiety. Many people don’t think of their real estate agent as anything more than the person interested buyers call for information. But we are so much more than that! At Summus, selling a home comes with the responsibility of ensuring that we provide as much value as possible.

What Summus Offers You As a Seller

For a flat rate, we offer more than the average real estate company. Here is just some of what we offer:

  • MLS listing: In order for potential buyers to find your house, they need to be able to easily find it online. We make sure your house is properly and accurately listed in multiple listing services including Zillow,, Redfin, etc.
  • Zillow Premier Listing Benefit: You’ll receive exclusive placement on the Zillow site.
  • Professional Photos: Get your photos taken by a professional and have your home shine.
  • Sign in Yard: Make sure there is a clear sign that provides necessary and accurate information.
  • Open houses: Buyers want to get to know your house a little and imagine themselves living there. A professional will give the grand tour and show off your home the way it is meant to be seen.
  • Calls answered 7 days a week: Whenever buyers call, we are here to answer!
  • Lockbox access: Access to the lockboxes, allows us to show the home and keep your property secure.
  • Guaranteed appointments: We guarantee that the home will be shown when an appointment is made.
  • 3D Virtual Tour of Home: Potential buyers can view the home in virtual tours to get an intimate picture of the home.

Find Your True Buyer With Summus

This may not be a movie but we will do our best to make your home selling experience picture perfect. Your true buyer will find you in the end. Summus does more marketing and has access to more leads than any other company out there. We will find your home the right match, someone she could spend the rest of her life with, make lots of happy memories, and maybe raise a family. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look, how to look, and how to get your home the right exposure. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, call Summus Realty— El Paso’s revolutionary real estate company.   

Selling with Summus: How We Help El Pasoans Sell Their Homes

el paso real estate

There are many unknowns in life. Embarking on the quest to sell your home is one of these unknowns. For people who have never gone through the ordeal, the road is difficult to navigate. In truth, every situation is different, every home is different, and every real estate market is subject to the fluctuations of several factors including the economy, demographics, crime stats, etc. Summus has been in the real estate game for a long time. We started ten years ago and have since sought to train our realtors in a new approach to the industry. We teach them to uphold the principles of integrity in order to reach success and also to understand the struggles sellers go through — this is why we stand out from other realty companies in the region.

It Begins With a Mindset

We’ve talked about the Summus synergy before and how our legion of seven companies provides an all-encompassing approach to real estate for our sellers and buyers. We started with a question: What can help make the process easier for people? With this powerhouse team, we assemble the most viable and strongest real estate force in the region. From lending companies, roofing companies, and custom home builders, we provide access to the best groups around. We simplify real estate. Real estate is more than signing a piece of paper that transfers ownership; it requires a lot more than that and part of our mission is to guide people down that road so they achieve success.

Our Expertise: Why We Are the Top Sellers

When you work with a Summus agent to sell your home, you are getting someone who wears the Summus ethos on their sleeve. That is, they believe in your success and they want you to achieve it. The mistake people make is that they think that a real estate agent is a real estate agent is a real estate agent. Fake news! Summus works to give you the most value at the same or better cost than any other realty company.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Summus Realty spends more generating leads than any of its ten closest competitors.
  • Summus Realty has an unmatched marketing strategy that helps get the word out about your property.
  • We have over 150 of our agents working throughout the city and the surrounding area.
  • Our team consists of highly-trained agents who have access to the latest research, statistics, and potential leads.

We Go the Extra Mile: Additional Services We Offer If You’re Selling

Summus helps sellers hit the ground running. Often times sellers will settle for a terrible deal because they are overwhelmed with the details and upfront costs that they cannot afford. We, however, go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best deal for your home. Sometimes a sale requires a little extra labor, but no other real estate company in the city will do it.

Here’s what Summus offers:

  • Detail services– This includes fresh paint and stucco work
  • Yard clean up– Remember, curb appeal is huge for selling price. A deep yard clean up might take your house to the next level.
  • Deep home cleaning– We’re not talking about a quick sweep, but rather a full-fledged cleaning of the home to make it feel like new.
  • Home staging for vacant homes– If you’ve moved out all your stuff, we can help you stage it to increase interest and appeal.
  • Floor/carpet cleaning– That’s right. Need to get rid of those awful stains on the carpet? We can help!
  • Moving service– If you’re moving within the continental U.S and you need a little extra help, we can help with that too.
  • Roof service/replacement– The roof is a big selling point. Summus works with roofing experts and is willing to help you spruce up your roof to get your house on the market, for the most value possible.

So how do you make it happen? Easy, give Summus a call and we’ll come down to do a full evaluation of your home and get you started on the path to a successful sale. At this time, we can give you an estimate and assess what extra services you might need. If you are in a mad rush and need to sell your home fast, we also buy homes for cash.

Reach the Top Faster With Summus

Selling your home can seem overwhelming, but there is a lot at stake. Don’t throw it to the wind. If you’re ready to embark on the unknown, do it with a guide you trust. Summus Realty has two locations to serve you or call Rene Botello for more information at 915-356-0618.


Reflections on Innovation: How To Keep Your Company Growing


The Summus Realty team hit the ground running in 2019 with energy and eagerness to tackle El Paso’s real estate market. And there’s a lot of ground to cover!

El Paso County was reported to have a population growth rate of .39% in just the last year. The county houses 840, 410 people, according to census data of recent years. This is a significant population and the growth is evident in much of the development we’re seeing across the city. Development in both its downtown and the extension of suburbs in areas such as the far east and northeast.  So, with another prosperous year ahead, we thought we’d give you an insight into how we can stay strong.

What Summus Has Learned About Innovation

It’s one of those words that gets thrown around a lot. But the truth is that companies would stay stagnant if they didn’t at least consider how they might approach their industry in a new and exciting way.

Innovation is often associated with creativity, but that creativity is fed through a variety of channels. Creativity is fed by continuous engagement, knowledge, understanding, curiosity, courage, and a certain amount of risk-taking. Companies who are looking to innovate in their industry should break this down and address it from a variety of angles.

#1 Customer Needs are in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Figuratively speaking, of course. But it’s true that what customers need is found in our conversations with them, in their questions, doubts, and concerns. One of the things we’ve learned that makes our companies and our real estate agents stronger is a conscious and well-honed ear to the customer, the client, and the people of El Paso who are in the market for a new home.

A 2013 study of the most innovative companies concludes that “strong innovators listen to customers.” The views of customers will play a major role in innovation and new product programs. In our case, a homebuyer and their needs are what helps us decide how to better serve them.

So what are people looking for in a home? We learned quickly that people are often overwhelmed by the process and the various entities they must encounter before the ultimate transaction. That’s why Summus has become the largest cohort of companies in the Southwest, all working to make the home purchasing or selling process easier for our clients. It’s what we set out to do and what the Summus is all about.

#2 You Are Only As Strong as Your Team

In other words, building a community is essential for true innovation to happen and take off. People need to feel that they are in this thing together and that the work of every member is essential and indispensable to the whole operation. Our real estate agents undergo a series of training seminars and these are not only to educate on technical matters of the real estate industry but on providing them personal ammo for improving themselves, their personal lives, and consequently their work. We believe that by harnessing each employees’ strengths, creativity, and unique qualities, companies become stronger. At the same time, we provide support, advice, and backup elsewhere. We call it the Summus Pham, as we operate, function, and communicate like a family.

#3 Honesty & Integrity

Work honestly through problems, failures, and never sweep mistakes under the rug. Instead, learn from them and grow. Making mistakes is part of learning and improving. For thriving companies, staying honest when projects fail is key. A critical element in innovative companies is calling failed ideas for what they are, burying them, taking important lessons from it, and moving on.

More importantly, never forget why you do what you do. Summus Realty is here to help people claim their part of the American Dream. Your success is our success and we don’t cut corners. Homeownership is not to be taken lightly. It’s complicated. It’s involved. And it’s a big commitment. So in order to stay true to our visions and our goals, we have to stay true to yours. We try to keep this at the forefront every day.

#4 Reach for the Summit and Keep Climbing

Set goals. Big ones. It’s important to push people outside of their comfort zone. When people have a strong support system but are also being encouraged to get creative and take chances, extraordinary things will happen. We see that first hand with our real estate training and want to continue encouraging people to tap into their own potential and hidden talents.

The Opportunities Ahead

According to a comprehensive housing analysis conducted by HUD in 2017, economic conditions in the El Paso area remain strong and unemployment relatively low. There is a forecast for 8, 825 new homes in the El Paso Housing Market Area (HMA) for the upcoming three years. So whether you’re looking to purchase a half acre lot in the Upper Valley, a four-bedroom home in the Northeast, a small starter home in San Elizario, or a beautiful mid-sized home in Horizon City, we’re here to help you through it!

Summus Realty is working for El Paso and we’re ready for another wild ride in 2019.

The Synergy Continues: Summus Grows Stronger With the New Zia Homes

In case you weren’t already convinced that Summus Realty is unlike any other realtor company in the nation, then we’re ready to help make up your mind for good!

If you haven’t already heard of them, we’d like to introduce you to the new-and-improved Zia Homes. We proudly represent Zia as their listing brokerage and want to share with you what you can expect when you partner with them as your home builder.

At Summus Realty, we reach great heights by putting great minds together to reach a common goal. We aim to achieve more, better, and faster. Part of our plan is to create an all-encompassing approach that enhances and guides people through a number of real estate-related endeavors with the most professional, efficient, and dependable entities in the region.

So What’s New With Zia Homes?

As part of its seven-parter companies, Summus Realty represents Zia Homes as a member of its real estate task force. Zia Homes is a unique home builder in El Paso in that makes home buying fun, exciting, and most all, easy. In as little as three easy steps, you can be on your way to owning one of the most beautiful and premier homes in El Paso, freshly built, right out of the oven.

Here’s what it takes:

  1. Pick a floor plan.
  2. Fill out a contract.
  3. And put $100 dollars as earnest money

The Best Home Floor Plans Around

All of the Zia floor plans are first-class modern layouts that aim to meet the needs of the contemporary family. Whether you’re looking for a two-story or one-story home, they have a layout designed for every type of family’s needs. Some of the recent plan additions include:

  • Cambric: A two-level multifunctional 2,001 square foot layout with four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The kitchen, dining room, and family room have an open floor layout for plenty of shared space. The home comes with a study or office space for the modern family.
  • Calico: If you’re looking for a contemporary single-level dreamhouse, try this 1,919 square foot plan. It has plenty of open space in the dining and kitchen area, including a mini bar. It has four bedrooms and walk-in closets in every room! The master room is off to one corner of the house for added privacy and space.
  • Argyle: This is a tri-level 2,335 square foot architectural wonderland with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is both simple and elegant, very functional with a two car garage, open living areas, and much more!

Zia Homes is now constructing homes all across this great city. From the northeast to the east, and the west side of town.

Features That Set Them Apart

In the new renditions of the Zia Homes, you will find plenty of added standard features. Some of these features add a layer of elegance but also increase the performance and energy efficiency of the home. These include:

  • Spray foam insulation: Zia now uses spray foam insulation throughout the home. This is a highly-effective insulation method. Since the polyurethane foam hardens and expands it eliminates air pockets and gaps, thus preventing air flow. This type of insulation is regarded as the best in energy efficiency as it maintains a home’s temperature without allowing inside air to escape or outside air to come in.


  • Designer kitchens: These designer kitchens will not only offer you plenty of counters and open space, but they come equipped with maple cabinets, granite countertops, a farmhouse sink option, stainless steel appliances, lazy Susans, handy spice racks, and more.


  • Stucco: Stucco is a highly sought after and aesthetically pleasing material for homes, but it is also very durable and long-lasting. We use commercial grade stucco for better value and durability.


Learn More About Zia Homes and Summus Realty

Summus Realty is focused on an upward movement. We achieve success by bettering ourselves and always striving to improve. We focus on the idea that joining forces with other talented groups will produce better results for people navigating the real estate market. Our services are geared towards improving home shopper’s experience in buying or selling a home. We are grateful for the new possibilities Zia Homes is bringing to the Summus family. Connect with us today to learn more!

The Business You’re In: Tony Robbins the Man, the Ideas, & Applying it to Real Estate


If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, let us put it this way: He’s that 6’7 tall deep-voiced motivational speaker/life coach/inspirational guru, somewhat eccentric, creative, well-spoken, risk-taking, average Joe millionaire with friends in high places. Some of his most high-profile clients pay him up to ONE MILLION dollars a year for personal coaching. He fills large auditoriums with eager business people and entrepreneurs looking for guidance on success. He’s got an often quoted line that states, “There’s the business you’re in and the business you’re becoming. If you’re constantly managing those two businesses, you won’t have to pivot, because you’re always doing something to innovate.”

And that’s key, right? We all want to be innovative in what we do.

The line itself suggests that without constant awareness about what you’re doing or trying to do, you might just retreat into mediocrity, laziness, and stagnation. No matter what business you’re in, remaining static is not a good option. Part of what Tony Robbins helps people do is to push through uncertainty, fear, and failure to emerge triumphant on the other end and continue the journey of growth, learning, and love. He teaches people to invest themselves into a fortune. 

The Man

Tony Robbins has been involved in the art of inspiration and action-provoking teachings since he was seventeen years old promoting Jim Rohn, who served as his mentor, seminars. Just like anyone, he is no stranger to affliction or challenges and a past with some difficulty. He saw his parents divorce at a young age and he then witnessed his mother date an exchange of boyfriends. He describes his adolescent home life as abusive and chaotic; he left it at age seventeen and never looked back, leaving his alcoholic mother, never attending college, and working as a janitor to make ends meet.

Ten Key Emotions

There are too many aspects of his discussions we could focus on here, but let’s take a look at some of his main points. The ten emotions Robbins claims will fill your life with productivity and process include love, warmth, curiosity, passion, determination, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness, health and the constitution.

So how exactly do these ten emotions get you through the day? It first takes an effort to cultivate these feelings into your everyday life. Slowly the results begin happening automatically and the behavior and state of mind perpetuate.

Learning to Apply It to What We Do

Summus Realty is a big advocate for continuous learning. We are always learning and transforming. To do great things risks need to be taken. It’s also important to realize sometimes things they don’t go our way. That’s no problem. We see failures as opportunities.  As Robins himself puts it, your mind is a fertile garden and you must plant seeds of love, warmth, and passion in order to watch them grow. A failure, he says, is like a weed; it’s a call to action, something that tells you, “Hey, you have to deal with this!”

When it comes to Summus Realty University, we like to introduce our realtors-in-training to what can be learned from rearranging our minds to think in this way. After all, our training serves people in more profound ways than simply real estate. It’s about finding personal success and fulfillment. It’s about being part of something bigger.

We teach confidence in the process. Be confident of your purpose in the real estate market. It’s not just a business exchange; it’s more than that and shifting your thinking will guarantee success.

For example, the #10 contribution. It’s the idea that what we do every day has a bigger consequence, it has meaning and purpose, it’s a big part of how we look at what we do every day. After all, selling or flipping homes means you’re helping someone else acquire the place where their lives will begin anew.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

Don’t fret about what may happen in the future. After all, how many things have we brooded over that never materialized? Robins highlights that most of the time what prevents us from focusing on what we want is fear. Visualizing negative results is counter-productive. It’s wasted energy, wasted emotional real estate, and tends to knock us off the right path.

So, What Business Are You In?

We’re in the business of growing and learning. Join Summus Realty realtor training and reach something extraordinary at work and in your personal life. Read about some of the other ideas we implement in our realtor training. There is nothing like it in El Paso. Be part of something. Be confident. Explore. Take risks. Grow. Never stop growing!


The Summus University: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Broker

Last month, we wrote about a few of the main points in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, which has been inspiring entrepreneurs and people all across the nation since the 1930’s. These concepts are a part of the Summus ethos. The book outlines eleven strategies for success and was largely the fruits of hours and hours of conversations with successful American entrepreneurs and innovators such as Andrew Carnegie. This month, we’ll continue discussing some of Hill’s strategies and thinking about how we apply them to our training of being a real estate broker. We are all about changing the way we think! When we change and direct our thinking, we rise to the top and move towards our goals. And action, as Hill said, is the real measure of intelligence.

The Summus University is dedicated to helping real estate brokers in El Paso reach their highest potential by shifting their thinking. Hill’s principles form part of our general ethos here at the office.

Auto-Suggestion: Influence the Subconscious Mind

The mind of man is fertile ground for ideas and the subconscious mind forms an important part of this internal territory. Some people describe the subconscious as the part of the mind that is not in focal awareness, but yet has a great impact on your mood, actions, and emotional state. So much of our emotions and our internal drive resides here. A lot of times, change is a result of shifting the way you think and forming positive thought habits that establish take root in your mind and guide your actions in the right direction.

How Does This Apply to Real Estate?

Your energy affects everyone around you, and in order to help others, you must first help yourself. Seize control of your thoughts and feed yourself positivity. We train you to use the power of your mind. In a way, real estate is a leadership role. You are leading someone on a journey that will impact their lives and in order to do that, you have to know the way you think first.

Focus and Concentrate Your Knowledge

Knowledge and understanding are important. Part of being prepared is understanding your industry and doing the homework, but that is not all. Simply knowing won’t get you anywhere. As Napoleon Hill discusses in the book, knowledge by itself does not produce money or success. In fact, this is often a source of confusion for many as they discover that there is much more to advancing financially than undirected study. The book uses Henry Ford as an example. It illustrates how Ford was a man that may not have had a broad spectrum of general knowledge but knew how to use his specialized knowledge and common sense towards purposeful action.

What Does That Mean To Me As I Train To Become A Real Estate Broker?

At Summus Realty, we make it a point to teach our realtors the tricks of the trade. Yes, there is a lot to learn and take in as far as information goes but we don’t stop there. We take it one step further. It’s about harnessing that knowledge and organizing it into something that produces something else. We learn how to intelligently direct knowledge through plans of ACTION towards an end goal.

The Role of Imagination

Two other major concepts on Hill’s list include the idea of imagination and persistence. Imagination, as he calls it, is a workshop where your plans are devised. You must first imagine and visualize to direct your actions. Imagination is the starting point of all ideas. It also presents opportunities. The book focuses on the creative imagination and how this space can be where intuition, hunches, and inspirations are received.

How Does Imagination Play A Role In Me Becoming A Real Estate Broker?

There is a lot of imagination that goes into helping clients. Being sympathetic and employing new ideas to communicate with people will better serve you as you try to guide someone in their real estate journey.

How It All Relates To Summus Realty

Alas, we can’t cover all of Hill’s points in one post but we hope you understand these concepts. Summus Realty is derived from the word summit, which means the highest peak. It’s no accident that our company name stands for ideas of progress, ascension, and the ultimate focal point. In this case, the top. We all want to get there, but not many of us know how. At Summus University, we train our real estate brokers how to climb, how to use the tools available to reach the top, to harness knowledge, and imagination as they guide their client towards their peak too. Please connect with us to learn more!

The New Real Estate Company: Seeking Progress for Our Community

There is no finite amount of success. One person cannot snatch it all. Instead, it’s abundant, contagious, and far more easily attainable than you might think. The truth is, it’s plentiful, and it’s out there for the taking. This idea is inherent in the quintessential American philosophy of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, except—it turns out— your bootstraps have a lot less to do with it; what matters is your mentality, psychology, and implementation of certain strategies. At Summus Realty we are interested in the success of our agents, our clients, and the community at large. Summus is a new kind of real estate company, as it aims for the highest peaks of human achievement and our driving philosophy stems from reaching inwardly to better yourself and those around you.

A Source of Inspiration in An Unlikely Place

If you walk into our offices in El Paso and make your way towards the lounge—where we often host our classes, lectures, and yes occasional karaoke sessions—you will find two posters on our walls. As a real estate company, we like to be reminded of the philosophy contained there, as it serves as a constant reminder of how to better execute our jobs.

These posters summarize thirteen main strategies for success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. They are heavily derived from long conversations with 500 self-made millionaires over the span of 20 years. As a self-made man himself, Andrew Carnegie believed that sharing his insights into the “magic formula” that cultivated his wealth was an important venture and was one of the men Hill studied.  Carnegie came to America at age 13 from Scotland. He worked railroads and moved up slowly, acquiring knowledge and expertise in the industry. Eventually, he would come to revolutionize the way steel was produced. Later, he dedicated much of his wealth to philanthropic ventures including donations to libraries, promotion of international peace, and more.

Before we delve into one of Hill’s outlined strategy you might be wondering: What do Andrew Carnegie and self-made millionaires have to do with a real estate company in El Paso?


Summus investigates, achieves a deeper level of understanding and uses all of these strategies on a daily basis. This makes our realtors better prepared and more knowledgeable in their fields. The first two strategies outlined in the book begin with two very important concepts that come from within and formed in our hearts and minds.


Makes sense right?  It all begins with the capacity to know what you want. The ability to attain something begins with the desire to have it. Achieving success on any front requires a distinct, articulated, and visualized desire for the target you’re aiming for. Otherwise, your energies are misguided, wandering, floating aimlessly.  Putting that desire at the forefront of your thoughts is key to achieving it.


Faith, the book states, is “the head chemist of the mind.” That is because faith can color thought and it is through thought that the source of an action or decision emerges. In other words, faith in this context means repeated instruction to the subconscious mind, thereby creating very real reactions and frames of mind that translate into decisions and outward movement. Faith means a constant reassurance of the self.

We’ll be discussing some of the other strategies in upcoming blog posts and looking at how these can apply to you and how they apply to us here at Summus Realty.

Ascend to the Top with Summus Realty

A real estate company is usually thought of as a profit chasing enterprise. Summus Realty doesn’t think of itself that way. We see it in terms of success and opportunity. Helping clients find their home — where their families will grow and their lives improved—is our mission and what drives us to constantly strive upward. We seek the fulfillment of human potential and the success of all our realtors. Join the movement!


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