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How Summus is Adapting to the Changing Real Estate Market

June 30, 2019
June 30, 2019 maria

Real Estate Market

Every industry has its own trajectory that ebbs and flows with the changing technology, customs, and ideas of the day. The real estate industry has been no different when it comes to the way it approaches home buying and financial decisions. As the saying goes, it is really the species that are adaptive to change that survive. It’s why our agents and our company’s philosophy is inspired by the idea that growth and learning are key to a successful climb to the top. 

Today’s younger generations, for example, have waited a bit longer to purchase their first homes than previous generations, although that tide is changing. Recent studies have shown that millennials or people in their thirties are now jumping into their first home. At the same time, certain technologies have changed the way people search for homes and what they expect in a home. 

At Summus Realty, we have our finger on the pulse. We understand how better to provide better value, encourages buyers to take the next step, and we can help them find the right home. 

Here are a few ways Summus Realty is adapting to the changing real estate landscape:

Professional Photographs

The world runs on images. Every day the average person is bombarded with an assortment of memes, moving pictures, videos, and other eye-catching visuals. It is not enough to pull out your cell phone and take a photo of a house. Taking the time to make sure that the photos accurately represent the beauty and the splendor of the property in question is what makes a difference. This means investing in professional photographs of the interior and exterior and properly displaying the best and most unique features of the home. 

Home Staging

This could possibly be considered its own form of art, as it appeals to more than just the eyes but it must also appeal to the sensibility of a general group of people. The idea is that potential homeowners will walk into the home and immediately envision their future there. Staging will include ensuring the home is clutter-free home, the interior is clean and crisp, furniture is tactically-placed, and a minimal but powerful interior design element that really brings the home together. The home should be welcoming and attractive to potential buyers. 


Real estate agents today can use technology as a major asset and a great way to use the available tools to improve the home selling experience. The use of 3D models and forms of communication have really improved the way we communicate and how we are able to provide homebuyers with realistic models of the property. This gives them the ability to see the home as though they were there. Check out some samples here!

Supported Real Estate Agents

One of the things we do here at Summus is our own unique realtor university, which provides all of our agents with the resources, education, and support they need to be the best real estate agents possible. Our education focuses on personal growth, which allows our agents to be available, inspired, energetic, and the most helpful to you when selling or buying a home. Summus Realty subscribes to the principles of integrity, honesty, and hard work. We do this in everything we do; it’s why we have the best realtors in El Paso! Our agents also have access to the best resources to better help homebuyers and sellers. 

Choose a Real Estate Company Who Will Fight For You

The El Paso real estate market is growing. Technology and change have affected the way people do business. Today, most home buyers look online before ever stepping foot inside a home. We provide the most value for buyers and sellers and help people navigate what can be a difficult process. 

Summus Realty is excited to meet you and help you sell your home! Connect with us today to learn more.

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