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new homes for sale in el paso

The Advantage of New: Finding New Homes For Sale in El Paso

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a newly built house, with pristine paint, modern architecture and design, lush carpets, polished floors, crystal clear lighting fixtures, and well-kept landscaping. Everything in the home is there, just for you, waiting to be occupied and furnished. Nothing is leaking, nothing is broken, and every room is eager to be filled with new memories. It is this and many other reasons why people choose to buy new homes for sale.

Check out why you might consider this option too:

  1. Less maintenance: New features call for less maintenance. Materials used are more resistant. This may include roofing materials and flooring. Similarly, plumbing and septic systems will also be new. With an older home, it’s often difficult to tell what you’re getting in terms of some of these aspects of the home.
  2. Fewer repairs: Similarly, in terms of amenities —like water heater and AC units— you are far less likely to need repairs for a good while. This is because new homes come equipped with newly installed modern models that are less likely to break or require fixing right off the bat.
  3. Energy efficiency: Due to a slow but inevitable move towards more energy efficiency homes and appliances, new houses are already furnished with greener features like higher efficiency windows, furnaces, air conditioning units, and more.
  4. Design elements: Newly built homes are made with the modern family and its needs in mind. For example, they are equipped to handle a high number of electrical devices by providing plenty of electrical outlets and voltage. At the same time, contemporary architecture exhibits certain traits that lends itself to recent lifestyles. Many new homes, for example, have wide open living spaces, abundant natural light, and more connections to outdoors.
  5. Customization: Having access and communication with home builders means you have some say regarding certain details or modifiable aspects of your home. Perhaps you’re looking for a certain color in exterior paint, a particular kind of flooring, or a certain size in your closets. Working closely with your builders will allow you some say in the final result.
  6. Lower Utilities: Going along with the perks of having energy efficient features, means that your utility bills are likely to decrease and save you money over time. The simple advent of energy efficient windows and new AC units can have a huge impact on electricity bills over one summer.
  7. Set for Automation: Enthusiasm in home automation has erupted in recent years as people discover the many possibilities that technology offers. Home automation includes such conveniences as automated AC units, lights, security systems, and home theater systems. A new home for sale will be predisposed to home automation and easily modifiable towards this end.
  8. New Communities: Part of the thrill of buying a new home is that you’re moving into a neighborhood composed of other newly built homes. This means others have just moved in too and provides great opportunities for families to build community and strong friendships.
  9. Bargaining Power: Working closely with your home builders and in our case through a Summus agent, might grant you some more bargaining power when it comes down to price and other negotiable aspects.
  10. Investing Power: Buying a new home that requires only minor maintenance and repairs is a great investment and a valuable asset to you and your family.

Are You Ready To Buy?

Human beings are tentative creatures. We over-analyze, we obsess over details, and sometimes this keeps us from making decisions. Yet, progress always demands big decisions. Approach them with assertiveness and confidence. We’ll be right there with you.

These are a few signs that you are ready to engage in the home buying process:

  • You’re excited for the adventure: Part of buying a home is knowing that it is a new phase in your life. Embrace the change. Have the right mentality. Visualize your future and commit to it. Things will fall into place.
  • You’ve assessed your finances: Taking a little time to go over your income and finances can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Work through an estimate that takes your current income, expenditures, debt, and prospective mortgage into account.
  • You have an agent you trust: This is key. Real estate agents exist for a reason. That’s because the process of buying a new home for sale can be rather convoluted. The transaction consists of dealing with different entities from the home builder, to lenders, to home insurance companies.

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