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The Success Strategy: How Summus Embodies a New Thinking in Real Estate

April 24, 2019
April 24, 2019 maria


As a company, Summus places a lot of value in actions. Our training and philosophies are all predicated on the idea that action sets things into motion, and it is through action that we affect change into reality. We learn by doing and we discover by exploring.

In the past, we’ve written about our real estate training and the positive mindset we cultivate in our real estate university, but we also apply this when selling your house.

If you’re selling your house and find yourself overwhelmed with the process, look for a realty company that offers you action and not fluffy promises. At Summus Realty, teaching our real estate agents coherent values, applying technology and new techniques in our selling process, and engaging the community through marketing efforts.

The Inherent Worth of Doing

So what is it that we do differently when we set out to sell your home? As Summus real estate agents, we operate under stringent values of honesty and integrity. Our houses sell at a phenomenal rate not because we have some magic wand or manipulate people into a sale they will later regret. Rather, it’s because we don’t use fake flattery or false statements about the home.

The central component in our strategy is the idea that by putting in the work, actually providing value, we will stand out among the rest. When selling your home, Summus goes above and beyond in providing the prospective buyer with information, options, and quality service. In addition, we provide professional photos, MLS listings, and we get out there on the field and make connections, build relationships, and establish a standard of quality associated only with Summus.  

Here’s how else we stand out:

  • We spend more than any of our ten closest competitors
  • Our marketing strategy is far-reaching and effective
  • Our team is well-informed, prepared, and has an arsenal of leads, market research, and statistics

The Multiplying Effect of Success

We think of success like a contagion. It infects everybody and it spreads quickly. We know that if we go the extra mile of putting your house on multiple listings and guaranteeing appointments that we are out there doing the work necessary to get things done. For us, a successful sale means everyone wins.

The Use of Technology in Today’s Real Estate Market

One of the things that the real estate has had to contend with—like every other industry out there— is the rapid and constant influx of new technologies and the changing tides in relation to how things are done. Summus embraces these new methods and techniques in order to better serve the seller.

For example, websites like Zillow and other online listing sites have completely changed the game when it comes to real estate. Today, prospective buyers will likely pursue the options online before they dive into the buying process. We take full advantage of the opportunities that new systems like these offer us. We offer Zillow Premier Listing Benefits and other MLS Listings. We also spend more on marketing than anyone else in the business so that we increase the buyer pool. In addition, we make use of actual virtual reality tours that allow buyers to see the home through virtual models, which increases the immediacy.

Find Success With El Paso’s Realty Innovators

Your success is our success. We’ve said it many times and in a multitude of ways. We don’t define success in numbers but in action. Despite technology and online activity, word of mouth is still king when it comes to real estate and we take our name very seriously, as well as our responsibility as your sellers.

If you’re putting your house on the market, go with Summus—the company that aims for your success.

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