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The Business You’re In: Tony Robbins the Man, the Ideas, & Applying it to Real Estate

November 21, 2018
November 21, 2018 maria


If you haven’t heard of Tony Robbins, let us put it this way: He’s that 6’7 tall deep-voiced motivational speaker/life coach/inspirational guru, somewhat eccentric, creative, well-spoken, risk-taking, average Joe millionaire with friends in high places. Some of his most high-profile clients pay him up to ONE MILLION dollars a year for personal coaching. He fills large auditoriums with eager business people and entrepreneurs looking for guidance on success. He’s got an often quoted line that states, “There’s the business you’re in and the business you’re becoming. If you’re constantly managing those two businesses, you won’t have to pivot, because you’re always doing something to innovate.”

And that’s key, right? We all want to be innovative in what we do.

The line itself suggests that without constant awareness about what you’re doing or trying to do, you might just retreat into mediocrity, laziness, and stagnation. No matter what business you’re in, remaining static is not a good option. Part of what Tony Robbins helps people do is to push through uncertainty, fear, and failure to emerge triumphant on the other end and continue the journey of growth, learning, and love. He teaches people to invest themselves into a fortune. 

The Man

Tony Robbins has been involved in the art of inspiration and action-provoking teachings since he was seventeen years old promoting Jim Rohn, who served as his mentor, seminars. Just like anyone, he is no stranger to affliction or challenges and a past with some difficulty. He saw his parents divorce at a young age and he then witnessed his mother date an exchange of boyfriends. He describes his adolescent home life as abusive and chaotic; he left it at age seventeen and never looked back, leaving his alcoholic mother, never attending college, and working as a janitor to make ends meet.

Ten Key Emotions

There are too many aspects of his discussions we could focus on here, but let’s take a look at some of his main points. The ten emotions Robbins claims will fill your life with productivity and process include love, warmth, curiosity, passion, determination, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness, health and the constitution.

So how exactly do these ten emotions get you through the day? It first takes an effort to cultivate these feelings into your everyday life. Slowly the results begin happening automatically and the behavior and state of mind perpetuate.

Learning to Apply It to What We Do

Summus Realty is a big advocate for continuous learning. We are always learning and transforming. To do great things risks need to be taken. It’s also important to realize sometimes things they don’t go our way. That’s no problem. We see failures as opportunities.  As Robins himself puts it, your mind is a fertile garden and you must plant seeds of love, warmth, and passion in order to watch them grow. A failure, he says, is like a weed; it’s a call to action, something that tells you, “Hey, you have to deal with this!”

When it comes to Summus Realty University, we like to introduce our realtors-in-training to what can be learned from rearranging our minds to think in this way. After all, our training serves people in more profound ways than simply real estate. It’s about finding personal success and fulfillment. It’s about being part of something bigger.

We teach confidence in the process. Be confident of your purpose in the real estate market. It’s not just a business exchange; it’s more than that and shifting your thinking will guarantee success.

For example, the #10 contribution. It’s the idea that what we do every day has a bigger consequence, it has meaning and purpose, it’s a big part of how we look at what we do every day. After all, selling or flipping homes means you’re helping someone else acquire the place where their lives will begin anew.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

Don’t fret about what may happen in the future. After all, how many things have we brooded over that never materialized? Robins highlights that most of the time what prevents us from focusing on what we want is fear. Visualizing negative results is counter-productive. It’s wasted energy, wasted emotional real estate, and tends to knock us off the right path.

So, What Business Are You In?

We’re in the business of growing and learning. Join Summus Realty realtor training and reach something extraordinary at work and in your personal life. Read about some of the other ideas we implement in our realtor training. There is nothing like it in El Paso. Be part of something. Be confident. Explore. Take risks. Grow. Never stop growing!


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