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The Summus University: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Broker

October 25, 2018 maria

Last month, we wrote about a few of the main points in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, which has been inspiring entrepreneurs and people all across the nation since the 1930’s. These concepts are a part of the Summus ethos. The book outlines eleven strategies for success and was largely the fruits of hours and hours of conversations with successful American entrepreneurs and innovators such as Andrew Carnegie. This month, we’ll continue discussing some of Hill’s strategies and thinking about how we apply them to our training of being a real estate broker. We are all about changing the way we think! When we change and direct our thinking, we rise to the top and move towards our goals. And action, as Hill said, is the real measure of intelligence.

The Summus University is dedicated to helping real estate brokers in El Paso reach their highest potential by shifting their thinking. Hill’s principles form part of our general ethos here at the office.

Auto-Suggestion: Influence the Subconscious Mind

The mind of man is fertile ground for ideas and the subconscious mind forms an important part of this internal territory. Some people describe the subconscious as the part of the mind that is not in focal awareness, but yet has a great impact on your mood, actions, and emotional state. So much of our emotions and our internal drive resides here. A lot of times, change is a result of shifting the way you think and forming positive thought habits that establish take root in your mind and guide your actions in the right direction.

How Does This Apply to Real Estate?

Your energy affects everyone around you, and in order to help others, you must first help yourself. Seize control of your thoughts and feed yourself positivity. We train you to use the power of your mind. In a way, real estate is a leadership role. You are leading someone on a journey that will impact their lives and in order to do that, you have to know the way you think first.

Focus and Concentrate Your Knowledge

Knowledge and understanding are important. Part of being prepared is understanding your industry and doing the homework, but that is not all. Simply knowing won’t get you anywhere. As Napoleon Hill discusses in the book, knowledge by itself does not produce money or success. In fact, this is often a source of confusion for many as they discover that there is much more to advancing financially than undirected study. The book uses Henry Ford as an example. It illustrates how Ford was a man that may not have had a broad spectrum of general knowledge but knew how to use his specialized knowledge and common sense towards purposeful action.

What Does That Mean To Me As I Train To Become A Real Estate Broker?

At Summus Realty, we make it a point to teach our realtors the tricks of the trade. Yes, there is a lot to learn and take in as far as information goes but we don’t stop there. We take it one step further. It’s about harnessing that knowledge and organizing it into something that produces something else. We learn how to intelligently direct knowledge through plans of ACTION towards an end goal.

The Role of Imagination

Two other major concepts on Hill’s list include the idea of imagination and persistence. Imagination, as he calls it, is a workshop where your plans are devised. You must first imagine and visualize to direct your actions. Imagination is the starting point of all ideas. It also presents opportunities. The book focuses on the creative imagination and how this space can be where intuition, hunches, and inspirations are received.

How Does Imagination Play A Role In Me Becoming A Real Estate Broker?

There is a lot of imagination that goes into helping clients. Being sympathetic and employing new ideas to communicate with people will better serve you as you try to guide someone in their real estate journey.

How It All Relates To Summus Realty

Alas, we can’t cover all of Hill’s points in one post but we hope you understand these concepts. Summus Realty is derived from the word summit, which means the highest peak. It’s no accident that our company name stands for ideas of progress, ascension, and the ultimate focal point. In this case, the top. We all want to get there, but not many of us know how. At Summus University, we train our real estate brokers how to climb, how to use the tools available to reach the top, to harness knowledge, and imagination as they guide their client towards their peak too. Please connect with us to learn more!

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